Kitzlochklamm - gorge - mysterious

Excursion into a magical world

Kitzlochklamm is one of the most beautiful and impressive gorges in our Alpine region. This unique natural wonder with its numerous bays, towering craggy cliffs, an impressive hermitage and a spectacular bridge, make the gorge a very special sightseeing opportunity for the whole family.

The Fascination of Kitzlochklamm

With unbridled power, the Rauriser Ache shoots between the narrow rock faces. One last time, the crystal-clear water rushes between the shimmering walls of limestone shale, before pouring out into the Salzach river valley. Kitzlochklamm in Taxenbach is one of the most beautiful ravines in the Austrian Alps, here in the heart of Salzburg province. Rain and snow-melt created this imposing spectacle on the edge of Hohe Tauern National Park - the biggest nature sanctuary in Central Europe - over the course of many millennia. Idyllic bays and jagged walls of rock many meters high never fail to captivate nature lovers from May until October. Between mossy rocks, the rays of sunshine dance in the glistening mists like little elves. Walkways and tunnels dating back to the 16th century provide hikers with access to the gorge, a wonderful opportunity for them to marvel at its natural beauty as they head towards an idyllic hermitage. A spectacular bridge high above the thunderous water promises a bit of added excitement for the whole family. The hike then continues to the Maria Elend pilgrimage church in Embach. Y On guided tours, visitors are able to learn lots of details about the creation of the gorge and discover yet more hidden treasures of this wild, untamed canyon, such as the Ritzstollen mine shaft.

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